Calhoun, Georgia | AGRICULTURE

Commercial 10-year Feed in Tariff  |  Ground mount system  |  Tennessee Valley Authority

 Renewvia Energy formed an investment partnership to provide funding for several 200 KW solar arrays installed and maintained on multiple host sites in Calhoun, GA. Each "host" is a multi-generational poultry farm owner that provides a 10-year site lease on unencumbered property and a prepayment of power. The Tennessee Valley Authority, a corporation owned by the U.S. government, guarantees the purchase of all solar power produced for 10 years at a $0.12 per kWh premium indexed to the local retail power rate. The investment partnership financed and owns the array for a period of ten years and will realize all financial benefits including a federal grant, federal and state depreciation, state tax credits, prepayment of power and revenue from the sale of electricity. The prepayment of power contribution from the host to the investment group is due at the time the system is placed into commercial operation and is realized over a ten year period. Full system ownership is conveyed to the host after 10 years. The host eliminates the site’s power bill and receives full financial benefit of the system after the initial investment term.